Tips For Making The Best Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipe


Grilled cheese is a simple, and fairly basic recipe. But even the most basic of recipes have their reasons.

The only reason why grilled cheese is considered so basic is because it’s been around for pretty much forever. Okay, so for the last 100+ years at least. And just the way most things got popular back then, grilled cheese became so popular due to great marketing. Kraft did a great job.

The marketing was so great because the product was so cheap, since, you know, the cheese being marketed isn’t exactly the least processed type… Kraft sold almost 8 million boxes of its macaroni and cheese during the Great Depression, under the marketing campaign that you could feed a family of four for only 19 cents.

And what about the whole grilled cheese and tomato soup combo? Well, the cheese was so damn cheap that school cafeterias started buying tomato soup to go with toasted cheese sandwiches in satisfy the Vitamin C and protein requirements for school lunches, which lead to the classic combination.

Oh yeah, they were also not called grilled cheese sandwiches until the 1960s, since for a while at first this recipe was just one slice of bread with melted cheese on top. The toasted cheese sandwich recipe only evolved to two slices when someone decided it could be more filling, so they added the second slice on top. Shout out to whoever that was.

Today, a grilled cheese sandwich has absolutely no limits. You can use any variety of cheese, bread, fillings, etc… the possibilities are endless. With that being said, there are definitely some things you can do to make your grilled cheese sandwich just that much better. Like:

  • Use grated cheese. I’m not kidding. It cooks faster, easier, and you get that satisfying stretchy effect that we all love. If you don’t have grated cheese, cut your cheese into smaller pieces to get a similar effect.
  • Don’t butter the pan, butter the bread. Yes, both sides. Yes, of each slice. And don’t overdo it. A thin layer is enough, and if you do any more you risk ending up with soggy bread, no matter how much you toast it. If butter isn’t your thing, use olive oil. But again, don’t overdo it.
  • If you’re able to, always pair with tomato soup. It’s simply the perfect partner, especially if you want to make a grilled cheese your lunch. Homemade is always going to be better, and I’ll add a homemade recipe for that later, but canned is okay if that’s all you have.
  • If you wanna add filling, like meat, mushrooms, or vegetables, make sure you slice it fine so that the cheese can melt in between the pieces. My favorite filling is bacon!
  • Use a specialty bread. Regular sandwich bread can get boring, and if you want to get fancy you can get a french baguette or a ciabatta. These breads are more filling and have different texture and taste than the ole loaf bread. Treat yourself.

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