How To Make Perfect Green Smoothies


One of the latest health trends are green smoothies. Read on to find out why I love them and why you should love them too, plus some essential tips for making the perfect green smoothie.

Are you looking for a nutritious, filling, and easy-on-the-stomach breakfast? A green smoothie may be just what you’re looking for!

Here are the reasons why I love them and why you should love them too:

  • They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Since you are consuming both fruits and vegetables, you are getting a variety of nutrients. Depending on your ingredients, your smoothie could contain vitamins A, C, E, and K as well as important minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium, and calcium.
  • They are easily digestible.  When you blend produce, the cell walls inside are ruptured and allow for the nutrients they contain to be easily digested and absorbed. Green smoothies are perfect for waking your digestive system up slowly, so if you usually have GI issues after eating breakfast, try swapping your morning toast with a green smoothie.
  • They can help ward off disease. Leafy green vegetables fight against aging and disease by reducing inflammation in the body. 
  • They keep you full. By blending whole fruits and vegetables, you are getting lots of fiber. And fiber is great not only for keeping you full, but also helps detox your body. 
  • They provide your daily needs of 2-3 cups of leafy green vegetables. It can be hard getting in a variety of vegetables throughout the day. By starting off with a green smoothie, you are insuring you meet your daily requirement of green vegetables. 

Here are some essential tips for making the perfect green smoothie:

  • Start slowly. The first time you make one, add no more than 2 handfuls of greens to adjust to the taste. With time you will get used to the flavor and you can start adding in more leafy greens. 
  • Start basic. Spinach is very mild in flavor, making it a great green to try first. After a couple smoothies, try adding in other greens, such as kale, for nutrient variety. 
  • Use a good blender. The better your blender, the less you’ll taste the texture of the greens. If you don’t have a good blender, try ripping up the greens before adding them to your smoothie. 
  • Blend greens and liquids first. For best texture, place your greens and whatever juices or milks you’re using in the blender first. Blend until the greens reach desired texture, then add in the rest of your ingredients. 
  • Use a mix of frozen and fresh fruit. While not necessarily essential, frozen fruit allows you to skip ice cubes, which can water down your smoothie. Plus, many frozen fruits provide a creaminess to your green smoothie.
  • Include a protein source. Green smoothies should be filling as well as nutritious. Having protein in your smoothie will help you make it to lunch without needing a snack. Protein ideas include whey protein powder, all natural peanut butter, or chia seeds. 

Not sure what to put in your first green smoothie? Just get creative and try different things out. Slowly you will find the combinations you love the most. Happy Blending! 

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