Already halfway through the year, McDonald’s has upped the fast-food game by adding items like the limited-edition Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry and the McSpicy to their menu. With such iconic foods, one wonders how McDonald’s could get any better. This June, McDonald’s has certainly proven they are indeed capable of improving on an already exceptional menu.

Image: McDonald’s

The Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Quarter Pounder

June 20th promises to bring your taste buds a buffet of flavor with the Cheesy Jalapeno Bacon Quarter Pounder. Your choice of one or two patties topped with american cheese, applewood smoked bacon, pickled jalapenos, and drizzled in cheese sauce. All encased in the McDonald’s classic sesame seed bun. A burger that’s certain to make your summer fast food options a little more flavorful.

Image: McDonald’s

June 12th gives a more purple image. McDonald’s is throwing the fan-favorite mascot Grimace a birthday party filled with games, merch, and of course food to celebrate! The Grimace Birthday Meal comes with your choice of a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets or a BigMac, medium fries, and a medium mysterious purple pigmented shake. The shake in particular has Grimace fans most excited. The character’s introduction in 1972 as Ronald McDonald’s best friend and milkshake lover, gives a story to the limited-edition shake. Grimace’s own Irish Uncle O’Grimacy famously gives out Shamrock Shakes to participating McDonalds each March. It’s only fitting his nephew carries on the family tradition.

McDonald’s has also teamed up with Krool Toys to develop a desktop and mobile game to play. In the game, the player races around as Grimace, trying to find his friends like Birdie or Hamburgler in a daring adventure to cut his birthday cake. If the food and the games aren’t enough to tempt you to participate in Grimace’s birthday, perhaps McDonald’s exclusive Grimace clothing merch will. Golden Arches Unlimited will be selling Grimace-inspired clothing. Ranging from tees to socks, this might be the summer wardrobe upgrade you need.

If the games, the clothing, the food still aren’t enough to draw your attention, perhaps the charity efforts will. From June 13th – 14th, visit McDonald’s Instagram story and share a picture of your favorite birthday memory by using the “add yours” sticker. Each picture that’s posted, McDonald’s will donate $5 of up to $200,000 to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Speaking of the not-so-beloved-anymore clown, Ronald McDonald may have reason to worry about his position in the company. With Grimace’s birthday bash already looking like a success, many wonder if this is an introduction to Grimace taking over as the main mascot. Tariq Hassan, McDonald’s chief marketing and customer experience officer, commented “We’re excited to put a modern spin on these memories to continue to drive McDonald’s relevance with a new generation. Grimace is the perfect lovable icon to have McDonald’s meet our fans at the intersection of nostalgia and culture.” While the clown’s employment status hasn’t been confirmed, McDonald’s does promise their fans a fun and flavorful meal for the summer. I for one, can’t wait to indulge in the festivities.

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