Pizza Hut is selling a new pizza for a limited time only, and only at one location. The Pizza Hut Pickle Pizza is made from Pizza Hut’s signature hand tossed crust and coated in buttermilk ranch. It’s topped with cheese, breaded chicken breast that’s seasoned with Nashville Hot Seasoning, sliced white onions, spicy dill pickles, and a drizzle of buttermilk ranch to top it all off.

You may be wondering which location is lucky enough to be graced by the pizza’s presence. From June ninth to the eleventh the only Pizza Hut location you can get this pickle delicacy is at 932 8th Ave in New York City. For those of you who can’t reach the soon to be infamous location, fear not.

A brand representative for the hut commented, “We always look at our tests as a way to identify if our guests gravitate towards a certain recipe. You never know where we might bring a new innovation next.”

Image: Pizza Hut

So, while most of us won’t have access to the pizza yet, there’s hope that it may become a permanent item on Pizza Hut’s menu. You may be wondering how you’ll be able to live without this cultural phenomenon, but there’s plenty of locally owned pizzerias that sell pickle pizzas.

Often credited with the invention of pickle pizza, Rhino’s Pizzeria in Rochester New York, has sold the pie for almost six years. The restaurant’s very own Kathy Szuba and her daughter made it together after attending a pickle festival. While the recipe is more simple with its white garlic sauce, mozzarella cheese, sliced dill pickles, and a garnish of dill weed, it still promises a tasty piece of pizza.

Another location that has also been awarded with creating the unique pizza is QC Pizza in Mahtomedi Minnesota. Their garlic-dill sauce, canadian bacon, mozzarella cheese, fresh dill, and of course pickles, offers a unique blend of pickle zest and traditional pizza ingredients.

Most recently, Indiana State Fair’s Taste of the Fair Winner, Swain’s Concessions, has been awarded for their version of pickle pizza. They claim to have been serving their pickle pizza for fifteen years. The owner of Swain’s Concessions, Jimmy Swain, says, “I love it. It’s weird to think you would want to come and have pickles over pepperoni and cheese, but I do it myself. Everybody loves it.”

And it appears everybody does. Penny Shaheen, Head of Food Innovation for Pizza Hut stated, “With our new pickle pizza, we’re tapping into the latest food trends while also putting culinary thought into how they come to life on a pizza. Our recipe is all about great flavor, balancing the tanginess of pickles with other classic ingredients we know taste good on our beloved pizza.”

Pizza Hut is the first national chain restaurant to release a pickle pizza. Whether you love the Hut or not, this bold release puts Pizza Hut back in the spotlight and leaves us all wondering what else Pizza Hut has in store?

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