Pringles has been known to deliver some bizarre flavors like shrimp cocktail and crab flavored chips. This June the company has decided to take a somewhat safer approach to their summer release. Pringles Harvest Blends promises two multigrain as well as two sweet potato-based chips to their variety.

“From our classic favorites to our sizzling Scorchin’ collection, Pringles fans have long enjoyed our great taste and insanely accurate flavors. With our new Pringles Harvest Blends collection, we’re ecstatic to bring our fans an elevated tasting experience. One that is both familiar with the bold flavors our fans know and love, and completely unique with its irresistibly crunchy texture and flavorful blends of sweet potato and multigrain,” promises Mauricio Jenkins, the US marketing lead for Pringles.

Pringles Harvest Blends

The Pringles Blends Multigrain Farmhouse Cheddar delivers a flavor of aged cheddar, a pinch of salt, black bean, and toasted grains. It’s relative Pringles Harvest Blend Multigrain Homestyle Ranch blends the traditional multigrain and black bean ingredients with a tangy ranch dust for seasoning.

Pringles Harvest Blends Sweet Potato Sea Salt takes a traditional approach to introduce the first sweet potato variety. Pringles Harvest Blend Sweet Potato Smoky BBQ is a sweet potato-based chip with a smoky BBQ sauce guaranteed to be a hit at summer parties. The collection will be available in supermarkets starting in June, hopefully they’ll be staying for a while.

Back in 2016, Pringles released a version of Multigrain Pringles in the US. Due to its unpopularity, the chip was discontinued in 2018. Another attempt at Multigrain Pringles was launched in the UK in 2022. The company wanted to cater to those complaining about their chips’ high quantity of salt. These chips were also branded “tasteless” and “dull” by supermarket food critics. Only time will tell if the new Harvest Blend Multigrain versions will rise to occasion or meet the same fate as their predecessors.

The new Harvest Blends Sweet Potato chips have a less daunting task ahead of them. The last sweet potato chip by Pringles was released in Australia in 2021. Titled Pringles Veggie Creations Orange Sweet Potato, Paprika, and Garlic. The ingredients are self-explanatory. The chip was in high demand at first, due to it being marketed as a vegan-friendly option.

However, many who reviewed the chip complained that you couldn’t taste all the flavors. Instead, the paprika overwhelmed the garlic and sweet potato taste. A few reviewers even claimed the chip had a bit of spice to it. With this new release of a classic sweet potato chip, there’s certainly no room for error for Pringles. I personally am excited to try this new collection and hope it will be every bit as iconic as the originals.

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