In November 2022, the butter board waltzed into many TikTok users’ for you pages. Justine Doiron took inspiration from award winning Chef Joshua McFadden’s recipe. She based her board off the dish in the Chef’s cookbook with Martha Holmberg, Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables. She used a wooden board as her dish and spread butter across the unconventional plank. She then demonstrated the different toppings one could use such as salt, pepper, spices, herbs, citrus, honey, and even edible flowers. The display was an instant trend.

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s private chef was requested to make a vegan version of the board by the couple. Kevin Hart’s chef in Los Angeles, Kai Chase revealed she created several of the boards for him.

However, not every celebrity was a fan. Comedian Chelsea Peretti tweeted, “No more butter boards.” Another tweet from famous drag queen Kim Chi read, “The butter board on trend on TikTok started off cute but now it’s gotten out of control with food creators trying too hard by spreading their dinner plate on a board calling it ___ board. I’ve seen the taco board, rice board, ice cream board etc. I think it’s time to stop!!!”

The variety of butter boards spinoffs are in the hundreds on TikTok. The Marshmallow Fluff Board became viral after TikTok users saw the appeal of the fluff surrounded by dippers like apples and cookies. The Frosting Board consisted of frosting as the base and topped with brownies, strawberries, and pretzels.

The Labneh Board was perhaps the only board to not be as scrutinized as its counterparts. Labneh is a doubly strained yogurt from the Middle East and it’s often described as a thicker and tangier version of Greek yogurt. The board was made by sculpting Labneh into a bowl like shape and pouring olive oil into it. Many used the traditional use of bread to use as a dipper.

The last straw for many TikTok users was when famous ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s invented the Ice Cream Board. The company used their own ice cream as a substitute for butter and used cider donuts as a dipper instead of using a spoon. Many in the comments section were in uproar.

“This trend is just a replacement for a charcuterie board.” One TikTok user complained. On a video where someone made a dog-friendly peanut butter board, people had much to say about the obvious mess that would result from using a wooden board instead of a bowl. TikTok’s comments sections aren’t the only ones criticizing the trend.

“I wish they’d just go away. The idea of smearing something on a wooden board with other food, sharing that food with other people and having them all dip into it. It’s bacteria heaven.” Laura Cipullo, a registered dietitian in New York City commented. Doctors and Food Health professionals have advised against eating the butter board. Warning people of the danger of using a wooden board where butter can get stuck in cracks and microbes can grow.

It’s also recommended to not replicate the recipe with guests in fear of double-dipping occurring. Also, using bread as a dipping agent instead of spreading the butter with a knife can give you significantly more butter than what is healthy for you.

Justine Doiron herself said, “I prefer a knife. The big mistake in my video was swiping it because I only had twenty-eight seconds. But I think it’s just like the charcuterie board, serve it with a knife, and let people serve themselves. But it’s really up to personal preference.” This comment from the trend’s creator seemed to be the final nail in the butter board’s coffin. The trend died off shortly after and it seems we won’t be hearing about the infamous Butter Board anytime soon.

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Adah Tyler

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