Among the well-known Mexican classics such as tacos and tortas, are the treasured burritos. The burrito, which translates from Spanish to donkey, was invented in Mexico and has many legends behind how and why it originated.  Although an authentic burrito is composed of few ingredients, todays burrito can be filled with a countless number of toppings.

While most of us settle for a standard 10-inch sized burrito from Chipotle, Canirac La Paz decided he would blow the standard burrito out of the water in 2010 making the world’s largest burrito. The burrito was filled with fish, onion, chile, and refried beans, which is “typical to the region of Baja California Sur”. 

Given the stereotype that food sizes and portions are extraordinarily bigger in the USA, it is surprising to learn that the world’s largest burrito was made in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.

How heavy was the record-breaking burrito?

According to Guinness World Records, La Pazs burrito weighed over 12,785 pounds. We know what you’re thinking, one man can’t make a burrito that big! Well, you are right, La Paz had the help of 54 restaurants and about 3000 volunteers in what was the 9 and a half hours of assembly. 

What may be most impressive is that La Paz managed to break two Guinness World Records in one day with the single tortilla used in the making of the world’s biggest burrito. You may think that because the record breaking burrito was made in Mexico, La Paz would have opted for the traditional corn tortilla. On the contrary, for good reason La Paz chose to use a flour tortilla because even though “Corn tortillas may feel like the classic option… they are decidedly less likely to hold up on that journey than their flour counterparts.” 
The record breaking flour tortilla used by La Paz weighed 2 tonnes and measured a whooping 2.4 km (1.49 miles). It would have taken about 30 minutes to walk alongside the world’s largest burrito, so you probably would have wanted to hop in your car to see the burrito in all its glory.

How much bigger is La Paz’s burrito compared to most cars?

An average car weighs about 4,094 pounds, with larger cars weighing on average 4,400 pounds. This would mean that La Paz’s burrito weighs about three times that of the average car and it would take about 150 people to safely lift. 

The world’s largest burrito came close to being even heavier than the Guinness World Record for the world’s heaviest car, which is a Zil-41047 limousine weighing 13,000 pounds. Just 215 more pounds of filling and the burrito would’ve been heavier than any car in the world! All that is left to wonder is how many people it took to eat a burrito of this size.