Have you ever wondered what a single sushi roll might look like if it grew twelve sizes? According to Guinness World Records, there is a record holder for the world’s largest sushi roll. The only difference is that this one can feed an entire state and you can still count on leftovers.

A pair of determined chefs, Nick DiGiovanni, from Boston Massachusetts, and Lynn Davis, from Japan, geared up to achieve this monumental task. They decided to prepare a salmon and cucumber-flavored sushi roll. This roll’s size was equivalent to 45,000 regular sushi rolls.

To assemble this piece, they used vast portions of the following ingredients:

  1. 2,000 pounds of sushi rice.
  2. 500 pounds of sushi-grade salmon.
  3. 500 pounds of cucumber.
  4. Oil and vinegar spread for the sushi rice.
  5. Nori seaweed sheets.
  6. Sesame Seeds.

As the ingredients arrived, these chefs were finding ways to comply with the following requirements established by Guinness World Record judges:

  1. The record was for the largest sushi slice in terms of diameter at the widest point.
  2. The sushi roll slice had to be roughly circular.
  3. The sushi roll had to include cold vinegar-dressed rice, nori, sesame seeds, and at least two different fillings.

Not only were Nick and Lynn ready to break world records in the art of making sushi, but they were also focused on beating the current record holder for the fastest time to fillet a ten-pound fish. This title was held by legendary chef, Gordon Ramsay, who used his masterful skills to fillet a fish into equal portions in 1 minute and five seconds.

Nick managed to become the new record holder for filleting fish, as he sliced a ten-pound sushi-grade salmon into 15 portions in 1 minute and 0.29 seconds. Each slice weighed at least 40 grams, making this a very impressive undertaking.

What does it take to piece together the world’s largest sushi roll?

In this case, no working hand could be spared. With a 7-foot mold, this team of six people began creating a rice foundation using sushi-grade rice and vinegar oil. Within the center of the mold, they placed whole pieces of cucumber and sushi-grade salmon.

On the outside layer of the roll, they began placing sheets of Nori seaweed. They had health inspectors and fishmongers present during the entire process. This way, Nick and Lynn made sure that all their ingredients were in optimal condition for consumers.  

Exactly how big was this sushi roll?

The original record for the world’s largest sushi roll was 6 feet and 6.74 inches. However, Nick and Lynn’s efforts proved effective as their sushi roll measured a whopping 7 feet and 1 inch. This has made them the official record holders for making the world’s largest Sushi roll.

A massive pair of chopsticks couldn’t make a single person indulge in this peace of salmon-infused art. Even so, all the food used in this competition was donated to a local homeless shelter in Boston. No food was wasted, and many people enjoyed a record-breaking meal.

Watch how the worlds largest sushi roll was made!