The annual Dream Food Fest, known as the largest food festival in the NJ/NYC area, is set to take place this summer. Read on for a comprehensive overview of the festival, detailing everything from the food and activities to when and where the festival will take place.

Date, Time and Location

The highly anticipated Dream Food Fest is scheduled to take place from July 14th to July 16th, 2023. The festival gates will be open each day from 12pm to 10pm, providing plenty of time to savor every moment. As for the venue, the American Dream, Lot 26, located in the city of East Rutherford, NJ, will be hosting the culinary celebration.

What’s On The Menu?

The Dream Food Fest will host a range of food vendors offering a variety of culinary delights. With over 100 street food vendors offering an array of delicious options, attendees can look forward to a broad spectrum of options, categorized into Small Bites, Eats, Sweets, and Drinks.

In the Small Bites category, you’ll find options from vendors such as Mao’s Bao, Awesum Dim Sum, Stinky Tofu, KARLSBALLS TAKOYAKI, Hangry Dog, and C Bao. Each of these vendors will serve up bite-sized food that packs a punch of flavor, making them perfect for snacking while you explore the festival.

For something more substantial, head over to the Eats section. Here, vendors like Cousins Maine Lobster, So Sarap NYC, Lomo Truck, Vegan On the Fly NYC, D’Abruzzo NYC, Menya Jiro, Patok by Rach, Twisted Potato, and Taqueria Los Gueros will be serving out hearty meals that will satisfy a more ravenous appetite.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll be spoiled with choices with the variety of desserts from many popular vendors. Vendors like The Boiis, Sam’s Fried Ice Cream, Hey Yogurt, Catmint Wheelcake, and Tang Hu Lu. These sweet treats are the perfect way to end your meal or simply to enjoy throughout the festival.

To quench your thirst, grab a drink from one of the many drink options available. At the festival, you’ll find refreshing beverages from vendors like Tiger Tai, Xingfu Tang, Machi Machi, and Maiko Matcha Cafe. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tea, something fruity, or a little caffeine, you’re sure to find a drink that hits the spot.

These are just a few highlights from each category, and there are many more vendors present at the festival. No matter what you’re craving, the Dream Food Fest has you covered.

Performances and Activities

Dream Food Fest is more than just a culinary experience. The festival features a lineup of entertainment and activities, immersing attendees in a vibrant cultural environment.

Music lovers can look forward to live performances from a variety of artists. Singer Emei, New Jersey Pop/Rock Band Caracella, and Pianist NGXB are among the lineup of musicians set to perform. In total, the festival boasts about 23 performances from a mix of different genres, ensuring a melody for every ear.

The festival will also provide a platform for local artists to showcase their skills. Visitors will have the opportunity to appreciate their art, contributing to a rich and inspiring experience. Furthermore, interactive activities such as watercoloring, sugar painting, and Chinese mask art will be available for those looking for a more hands-on experience.

But it’s not just about visual art and crafts. Attendees will also get to indulge in hands-on experiences with Sukoon Candles, try on traditional attire at the Han-Fu Try-On Studio, and engage in many more unique experiences. These activities are perfect for families, groups of friends, or solo explorers looking to take in all that the festival has to offer.

Each day of the festival offers a unique blend of food, music, art, and culture, making the Dream Food Fest an event that goes beyond just pleasing your palate. It’s a celebration of creativity and community, offering a feast for all the senses.

Overall, the Dream Food Fest is an upcoming event that offers a noteworthy attraction for food lovers. Beyond a range of diverse food options, the festival promises a unique environment filled with musical performances from both local and established artists, as well as interactive art and cultural activities. These elements combine to create a multifaceted experience that extends beyond the plate, making it an event worth considering for those interested in exploring the intersection of food, music, and culture.