Food trucks have been taking over the industry for years now. Over the last decade we have seen the rise in popularity from taco trucks, to ice cream trucks, to full on pizzeria trucks. Sliced Truck is a pizza truck that offers freshly prepared thin crust pizza and homemade Italian Ice. The company is owned and operated by Pie Oh My, a woodfired pizza truck and catering company based out of New Jersey.

Now, I’m not sure what’s more impressive: literal woodfired oven in a food truck or way Pie Oh My is taking over the pizza truck game in New Jersey. And don’t get it twisted, the garden state isn’t the only place you can enjoy a fresh pizza from a Sliced Truck. They travel to New York and Pennsylvania as well!

Sliced Truck is a unique concept because they offer more than endless quantities of crispy thin crust, high quality pizza. They also offer three flavors of Italian ice, like cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry. And we hear they will be offering a fourth flavor in the upcoming months as summer approaches.

We will be offering mango ice soon too!

Jed Hersh, Sliced Truck Owner

All of their Italian Ice is freshly made by the ice cream company Sip N Swirl located in Little Falls, New Jersey.

Sliced Truck offers a variety of different pizzas such as plain, pepperoni, bianco (white pie), vodka, and bacon. They also offer specialty pies such as buffalo bacon chicken, meatball impastata, sausage and pepper, pickled jalapeno and red onion, sesame spinach dip, as well as vegan and gluten free options. Prepared on a crispy thin crust and topped with only high quality ingredients, you can really taste the difference in these personal pies.

In addition to pizza and Italian ice, Sliced Trick offers appetizers like salads and pretzels. Find Sliced Truck’s full menu here.

One thing is for sure, Hersh knows how to make a delicious pizza! Find out more information about how to book a truck on Sliced Truck website, and follow the truck on instagram @SlicedTruck to see all of their pizza creations!