creative ice cream
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Creative Ice Creative Flavors From Around the World

Are you an avid ice cream lover, who enjoys finding unique and creative ice cream flavors from around the world? If you are, then I have some unique flavors for to try! These ten ice cream flavors are different from the typical vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. Finally, you have found several new creative flavors to try!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ice Cream

This savory-sweet delight combines the creamy texture of ice cream with the subtle fruitiness of high-quality olive oil. The result is a delightful contrast that will surprise and excite your taste buds.

Black Sesame Ice Cream

A popular option in East Asian cuisine, black sesame ice cream offers a rich, nutty flavor that is a perfect balance between sweet and savory. Its striking dark gray color also makes it a visually appealing choice, guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Mushroom Ice Cream

The Pacific Northwest is known for its unique flavors. Portland, Oregon’s Salt & Straw Ice Cream shop doesn’t disappoint with their Mushroom Muddy Buddies flavor. This ice cream features crispy cereal bites coated in peanut butter and chocolate. Also, it is dusted with powdered sugar and dried candy cap mushrooms. This provides an unusual but intriguing blend of earthy and sweet flavors.

Cheddar Cheese Apple Pie Ice Cream

Drawing inspiration from the Wisconsin tradition of serving apple pie with a slice of cheddar cheese, this unique flavor of Ice Cream mixes cheddar cheese with an apple pie swirl. This blends the two comfort foods into a sweet and savory combination.

Roasted Beets

This ice cream blends sweet, earthy roasted beets with a rich, creamy cheese. These flavors create a mildly piquant flavor and a slight citrus finish allowing for the ice cream to have a complex yet delightful flavor profile.

Mint Julep

For fans of the traditional cocktail, this refreshing flavor captures the essence of the classic beverage with the taste of fresh mint and the warm, rich notes of bourbon.

Olive & Goat Cheese

This truly unique blend of briny Kalamata olives and tangy goat cheese offers a savory and sweet combination that pushes the boundaries of traditional ice cream flavors.


Garlic ice cream predominantly includes vanilla, honey, and cream as its base, with the addition of garlic that makes it into a savory delight. This garlic ice cream flavor is a staple at garlic festivals like the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California. 


Rice ice cream is a vegan-friendly flavor that is predominantly sweet and creamy. Cooked rice blends with plant-based milk, vegan butter, and vanilla extract, adding body to the ice cream without overpowering the flavors. This versatile creation customized with various toppings or add-ins and is an ingenious way to repurpose leftover rice.


Last but not least, there is the beloved coffee ice cream. People enjoy this flavor for its rich and aromatic qualities. It encapsulates the deep, roasted flavors of coffee and is usually made simultaneously with brewed coffee or espresso, cream, sugar, and sometimes includes mix-ins like chocolate chips for adding texture and flavor.

unique ice cream flavors
Photo by Bryn Beatson on Unsplash

These unique and different ice cream flavors are just the beginning when it comes to the creative possibilities of what can be enjoyed as ice cream. Whether you’re an adventurous eater or simply looking to try some new deserts, these inventive flavors offer up something tasty and unexpecting.

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