Whether you’re looking for a novel alcoholic beverage to sample or a fun present to gift a whiskey enthusiast, look no further than Fireball Whisky’s newest offering, Dragon Reserve. This limited-edition barrel-aged whiskey is sure to impress whiskey lovers. Dragon Reserve offers a refined and sophisticated taste with smoky, oaky undertones and a touch of Fireball’s unique cinnamon flavor. Let’s examine this intriguing new product from Fireball in more depth.

What is Fireball Dragon Reserve?

In the past, Fireball was mostly divided into two factions. Both factions are actually liqueurs, despite being marketed as whiskey, due to their higher sugar content and lower alcohol by volume (ABV) compared to traditional whiskey. Fireball Cinnamon Whisky, the primary offering, is an alcohol foundation of real Canadian whisky that has been enhanced with extra tastes and sweetness.

Fireball crafted Dragon Reserve by aging their famous Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in charred American oak barrels for an extended time. The whiskey has a subtly smokey and oaky tinge from these dragon-charred barrels, which raises the taste spectrum to the next level. Dragon Reserve provides whiskey supporters with a sophisticated and distinctive taste while maintaining the same recognizable cinnamon kick as Fireball.

Adding an Icon for Aiding The Dragon Reserve

Fireball hired actor and comedian Rob Riggle to assist with bringing Dragon Reserve to life. Riggle is a retired US Marine officer who also does stand-up comedy. Riggle was chosen as the Fireball Master Distiller due to his confident and outspoken nature. With Riggle’s help, Dragon Reserve was able to keep its fun and adventurous vibe, catering to Fireball’s devoted fan base.

Dragon Reserve’s Public Release Before Father’s Day

This year, The Dragon Reserve was made available for purchase for $19.99 online two days before Father’s Day. Father’s Day presents the ideal occasion to give fathers a particular gift, as Fireball Whisky is mindful of.

Fireball created Dragon Reserve with the intention of appealing to whiskey lovers who are always searching for upscale and novel products. This barrel-aged whiskey brings the hotness while being a reasonable price.

Only 618 bottles of Fireball’s Dragon Reserve was available for pre-order in celebration of Father’s Day. This limited-edition product demonstrates the brand’s dedication to making Father’s Day festivities particularly memorable. Because of its scarcity, Dragon Reserve is even more alluring, making it an absolute must for whiskey lovers and an excellent present for parents who enjoy great booze.

How to Get Your Hands on Dragon Reserve

The new Fireball is exclusively sold online due to inquiries regarding its availability in local supermarkets or ABC stores. Nonetheless, even if you are able to find it online, delivery may be restricted to certain states like Kentucky.

It appears to be only on Reserve Bar’s website. The product was recently released and is not yet available in all 50 states, so it will take some time for it to be widely recognized and accessible nationwide.