There is nothing better than the start of summer! The days are warmer, the water is colder and the ice cream is sweeter. With this in mind, the culinary masterminds at one major grocery store chain decided to follow the summer trend by releasing two new ice cream flavors.

For $3.79 per pint, you can now enjoy Trader Joes’ “S’Mores” and “Golden Caramel Swirl” ice cream. The two flavors dropped on June 12th of this year, just in time for the heatwave of summer. 

Although Trader Joes opened its doors in 1967, ice cream and its complex flavors were created much, much earlier. 

In 1665, the first ice cream flavor was invented by Englishwoman Lady Anne Fanshawe. Chocolate and vanilla ice cream had not been invented by this point, so Lady Anne Fanshawe had to be creative. Lady Anne Fanshawe played around with different tastes and textures, ultimately stating that she recommends the ice cream be flavored with orange blossom water and mace. Fun fact: Mace is the red coating on the outside of nutmeg!

Almost 200 years later, Jacob Fussell created the first ever ice cream factory in Pennsylvania, mass-producing America’s favorite sweet treat. America then saw a rise in ice cream sales, something that Trader Joes jumped on, producing their own line of intricate ice cream flavors. 

Trader Joes took the frozen aisle by storm this year with the production of “S’Mores” and “Golden Caramel Swirl” ice cream. Now, you are probably thinking that you have seen the “S’mores” flavor at Trader Joes in the past-and you would be right. However, this new ice cream is a modern spin on a tasty classic. 

We start with a base of rich, graham cracker-flavored ice cream, imbue it with marshmallow & chocolatey swirls, add a pinch of sea salt, sound the bugle, and call it a day!

Spokesperson for Trader Joes

So why change the recipe? Well, critics claimed that the original “S’Mores” flavor had real graham cracker pieces, turning the ice cream into a mushy mess.

Rather than adding chunks of graham cracker to the new ice cream, culinary experts at Trader Joes took a different route by creating a graham cracker flavored ice cream. By doing so, the bits of graham cracker would not be soggy and mushy in the mixture. 

Not long after the “S’Mores’ ‘ flavor flooded the shelves, a new kid on the Trader Joe’s block started following close behind. 

“Golden Caramel Swirl” is the other new ice cream in the new flavor duo. According to the pint, it is made to taste like “vanilla and chocolate ice cream with swirls of salty caramel”. 

You just can’t beat vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel swirl all wrapped up in the same premium ice cream. The sweet and creamy vanilla helps to balance out the rich chocolate flavor, while the smooth caramel cuts through the sweetness with the “sweet and salty” effect. But do critics think the same? Actually, yes, they do! 

A Trader Joe’s pro by the name of Natasha Fischer did an in-depth review of the two flavors on her Trader Joe’s-inspired Instagram account, @traderjoeslist. When doing so, she inspected and tasted both new flavors, and had much to say about “Golden Caramel Swirl”. 

The cocoa is extremely chocolatey while the vanilla reminds me of a soft serve vanilla flavor … It’s worth noting the caramel swirl is made with real ingredients and is perfection. I’m really, really enjoying this ice cream … find it in the freezer section.

Natasha Fischer

You can find the new Trader Joe’s ice cream flavors “S’Mores” and “Golden Caramel Swirl” on store shelves today!