Pepsi, the well-known soft drink brand, has never backed away from unique flavor combinations, and its latest creation is no exception. On Independence Day, Pepsi is set to unveil a daring new culinary innovation: Pepsi Colachup, a fusion of ketchup and Pepsi cola.

A New Culinary Innovation

Pepsi Colachup is a new flavor of ketchup mixed with Pepsi, it is a culinary innovation made with the collaboration between Pepsi and the Culinary Institute of America Consulting. It’s a condiment that Pepsi is claiming as the perfect topping for the quintessential American summer food – hot dogs.

The Idea Behind Pepsi Colachup

We invented Pepsi Colachup to reinforce just how well hot dogs and Pepsi go together – an unapologetically mouthwatering creation that seamlessly merges a condiment with the ultimate hot dog pairing beverage, delivering a unified taste experience.

Jenny Danzi, Senior Director of Pepsi TM

David Kamen, director of client experience for CIA Consulting, added that the vibrant citrus blend of Pepsi enhances the bright and tangy characteristics of ketchup, offsetting the smokiness of the hot dog, offering “a whole new way to enjoy two American classics”.

Pepsi’s latest invention has stirred up a variety of reactions on social media. Some people are intrigued and eager to give it a shot, with one Twitter user suggesting that if Root Beer BBQ sauce works, why not Pepsi and ketchup? Even French’s, the mustard brand, chimed in with enthusiasm about the idea of mustard and Colachup on a hot dog. But not everyone is sold on the idea. A number of people have expressed their distaste, with one person saying, “This sort of thing is why people like Coke more”.

Pepsi’s venture into unusual flavor combinations is not new. In 2021, the company teamed up with Peeps to create a limited-edition soda that combined the taste of Pepsi with the sugary delight of Peeps marshmallow flavor. In 2022, they introduced Pepsi-Roni Pizza, featuring a pizza with Pepsi-infused pepperoni.

Where To Sample Colachup?

While it’s not yet clear if Pepsi Colachup will make its way to grocery store shelves, the company has planned exclusive sampling opportunities. On July 4, four Major League Baseball stadiums will host the first public tastings of this innovative condiment. Attendees at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ; Yankee Stadium in Bronx, NY (Pepsi Lounge ticket required); Target Field in Minneapolis, MN; and Comerica Park in Detroit, MI, will have the chance to taste this bold new flavor mix. Additionally, Pepsi is sweetening the deal by offering a free Pepsi to anyone who buys a hot dog at any food outlet or retail location throughout the weekend leading up to July 4.

Pepsi Colachup marks another bold step for the brand in the world of flavor combinations. While the current public opinion is mixed, this unique condiment will undoubtedly add a new dimension to the condiment game. Whether it will be a hit or a miss is something only time will tell. For those up for a culinary adventure this Independence Day, why not give Pepsi Colachup a try?