The internet is a hotspot for trending topics, and McDonald’s has found itself at the heart of one of the year’s most bizarre and surprising phenomena. To honor the birthday of the well-known McDonald’s figure Grimace, a limited-edition purple milkshake known as the Grimace shake was recently launched.

With TikToker’s portraying to be murdered after consumption of the beverage, what began as a straightforward regard to the popular figure has evolved into a sinister and weird craze. Let’s explain the history of the craze, McDonald’s response, and the inventive ways TikToker’s participated in the Grimace shake challenge.

The birth of the Grimace shake

The Grimace shake, which was introduced on June 12, was created to encapsulate the distinctive delicacy and coloring of Grimace. The wonderful berry flavor of this milkshake with a deep purple hue rapidly won over McDonald’s devotees.

Grimace, who has been a prominent figure in McDonald’s advertising for decades, holds a special place in the hearts of customers, particularly those who attended children’s birthday celebrations at the restaurant when they were young.

With the release of the Grimace shake, McDonald’s recognized a chance to commemorate the character’s debut and appeal to the sentimentality of its devoted fanbase.

TikTok takes a dark turn

McDonald’s had no idea that the Grimace shake would grow into a bizarre and darker TikTok craze. It all started when @thefrazmaz, a popular TikToker, uploaded a video of himself sipping the Grimace shake and then acting out being unconscious or perhaps dead.

With over 2.3 million views, this video expanded like crazy. The peculiar idea enthralled TikTok users, who started coming up with their own variations of the trend in an effort to outdo one another in regards to originality and shocking impact.

McDonald’s reacts to the trend

McDonald’s had to acknowledge the viral phenomenon as the Grimace shake challenge on TikTok grew in popularity. McDonald’s responded to the trend in a humorous way by tweeting a picture of the Grimace character along with the message, “meee pretending I don’t see the Grimace shake trendd.”

The fact that the fast food business acknowledged the trend simply served to feed it further as TikTokers felt acknowledged and inspired to produce more material about it.

The creativity has no limits

The short films that TikTokers have produced for the Grimace shake challenge have exceeded the envelope of inventiveness. Some video makers have adopted a more cinematic style, turning their videos into short thrillers.

These videos begin quite innocently with people evaluating the shake, but they quickly become horrifying when they encounter bizarre and paranormal events after ingesting it.

These movies demonstrate the creativity and narrative abilities of TikTok creatives, with anything from purple goo nosebleeds to slithering on ceilings.

Here are some links to some unique Tik Tok short films:


All they found was purple at the scene of the grime… 🟣 #grimace #grimaceshake #grimacesbirthday #grimacetrend #mcdonalds #shortfilm @Logan Sampey @McDonald’s

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McDonald’s stance on the trend

On social media, McDonald’s has recognized the Grimace shake craze, but it’s still unknown how the fast food company really feels about it. The business’s embrace of the trend via a tweet implies a readiness to participate in and interact with the movement.

McDonald’s hasn’t yet made a formal remark on this development or how it would affect sales and reputation. It will be fascinating to observe how the business handles this particular issue and if it decides to stick with the trend or veer away from it.

What’s left of Grimace

The Grimace shake movement has swept over social media, grabbing the interest and creativity of TikTokers all around the world. What began as a straightforward homage to a popular McDonald’s figure has transformed into an imaginative and inventive challenge that highlights the creativity of TikTok video makers.

McDonald’s recognized and endorsed the trend through online platforms, even if the company’s official position on the phenomena is still up in the air. It will be interesting to watch how McDonald’s and its consumers balance humor and dispute as the trend develops further.