After almost 20 years on the Food Network hosting shows like, Everyday Italian and Bobby and Giada in Italy, Chef Giada De Laurentiis has become almost synonymous with at home Italian cooking. The Emmy-winning host is known for preparing traditional Italian recipes that typically have a healthy twists. With her desire to share Italian cuisine with the whole world, Chef De Laurentiis recently made an exciting announcement at the Fancy Food show in New York City.

De Laurentiis revealed that Giadzy, her meticulously curated Italian lifestyle and shopping website, will be introducing its inaugural range of in-house pasta. This line of artisanal organic pastas, crafted exclusively in Italy, marks Giadzy’s first foray into offering its own culinary creations. After extensive research Giadzy, has reproduced eight lesser known pasta shapes that are sure to be a unique and delicious center to any meal.

Simply made out of natural mountain spring water and organic semolina wheat, this pasta line is shaped by age old techniques in Italy and naturally air dried for 36 hours to maintain its authentic flavor. Here are the eight pastas that will perfectly compliment any sauce:

Long pastas in the Giadzy pasta line

Short pastas in the Giadzy pasta line

Starting from July 23rd, this delectable artisanal pasta will be available exclusively at, with each package weighing 1.1 pounds and with a retail price of $10.50.

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