McDonald’s announced that on July 14 they would be adding McDonald’s Cookies and Creme Pie to their menu in select locations. However, on July 3 multiple locations in the states began selling the long-awaited handheld pie. Snackolator on Instagram was the first to break the news. Claiming the pies were found in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Los Angeles. After the announcement, the dessert began making its way to New Jersey, New York City, and Seattle.

The turnover style pie consists of a chocolate cookie crumb crust base and filled with vanilla cream and chocolate sandwich cookie pieces. While the creamy treat sounds like an immediate success, consumers are already giving mixed reviews. Some complained the filling wasn’t enough to make up for the dry crust. One user even suggested the filling tasted more like fish then cookies and crème. Others don’t see what the fuss it about, claiming the dessert is a perfect blend of dry crust and a creamy filling.

“Definitely smells like cookies and cream, heavy on the cookie. Okay, so here’s the deal. I don’t like this. I’m not sure what I was expecting from this, but this isn’t it. I do not like the cream filling. It is not giving Oreo cream filling. The outside is kinda giving Oreo cookie, so I’ll give ’em that…This tastes just like the cookies and cream pop tarts,”

whatsitgivin on TikTok

“Nice and warm. Crunchy bits in there. The chocolate on the outside isn’t bad, but the cream on the inside is actually really tasty. This is right up there with the custard pie. I give it 8.5 out of 10 when it’s warm.”

adventures_and_food on TikTok

The chocolaty dessert was originally released in Malaysia and Germany in partnership with Oreo Cookies. And while McDonald’s in the US has partnered with the cookie brand to create the Oreo McFlurry, the companies have seemingly decided not to collaborate on this product.

The relationship with Oreos and McDonald’s has always been a favorable one. McDonald’s makes thousands of dollars off of the partnership selling the McFlurry. Oreos makes thousands of dollars selling cookies to McDonald’s that wouldn’t be sellable due to appearance.

The two companies recently came together again to revive the Oreo Frappe in May. Making it all the more interesting that what would be a profitable venture for both franchises allegedly belong solely to McDonald’s. Especially considering their previous collaboration on McDonald’s Cookies and Crème Pie in Malaysia and Germany.

Regardless of the companies’ potential rift, McDonald’s Cookies and Crème Pie is an anticipated menu item. And despite mixed reviews, the majority are in favor of the pie being a permanent fixture on McDonald’s menu. Be sure to satisfy your taste buds this summer by trying McDonald’s Cookies and Crème Pie.

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