As McDonald’s fans prepare for the arrival of McDonald’s Cookies and Crème Pie, they also come to terms with the loss of McDonald’s McCafé Bakery items. The terrible rumor was first spread by Instagram account Markie Devo. The food blogger announced the departure of the beloved Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll.

The items were first introduced in October 2020, even though breakfast sales went down since folks started working from home during the pandemic. McDonald’s created the McCafé Bakery in an attempt to boost breakfast orders.

The items included were the Apple Fritter with cinnamon covered apples fried and covered in sugar glaze, the Blueberry Muffin sprinkled with blueberry and streusel crumb topping, and the traditional Cinnamon Roll with delicious cream cheese frosting. The former even being a favorite of reality star Kylie Jenner.

The departure of these cherished McCafé Bakery pastries has left fans devastated, with many crying out for McDonald’s to keep the McCafé Bakery items. Some are hopeful this retirement means McDonald’s will be replacing them with new breakfast options.

Rumors of a bagel breakfast being introduced have appeased a few patrons. Others demand that McDonald’s return the Cinnamelts which haven’t been sold in over a decade. Several customers grieve the discontinuation and ask McDonald’s why they would get rid of their McCafé Bakery treats.

We’re always listening to our fans and adjusting our menu based on what they crave. Starting this month, we’ll be phasing out our McCafé Bakery line-up, including the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin and Cinnamon Roll. We know goodbyes are never easy — but fans can still satisfy their sweet tooth with our iconic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Baked Apple Pie, and frozen desserts at restaurants nationwide.

McDonald’s USA

The answer has not satisfied the internet’s outrage. The truth is most likely in the profit.

As mentioned before, McDonald’s created the McCafé Bakery in an effort to boost breakfast orders. With most folks returning to the office, the last quarter of breakfast sales saw a dramatic increase.

In addition, McDonald’s recently expanded their partnership with the donut chain Krispy Kreme. The collaboration consisted of selling donuts at 200 locations in Kentucky. Krispy Kreme has few locations and has expressed a desire to expand their franchise in the US.

Since McDonald’s partnership with Krispy Kreme and breakfast sales are on the rise, the McCafé Bakery has been laid to rest in favor of more profitable ventures.

McDonald’s McCafé Bakery items are not the only items taken off the menu in recent years. The Arch Deluxe, McPizza, Triple Double Burger, and the Big N Tasty will be waiting in fast food heaven to receive the Apple Fritter, Blueberry Muffin, and Cinnamon Roll. All we can do is wish our favorite breakfast foods adieu before McDonald’s permanently removes them on July 15. Aur revoir McCafé Bakery, may your sweetness never be forgotten.

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