One of the most popular chocolate bars sold in America is the Snickers bar. Made of peanuts, caramel, nougat and chocolate, this bar is crafted to curb your hunger cues while also satisfying your sweet tooth. But what if I told you that the Mars Wrigley brand bar is getting a makeover? 

For a limited time, you can purchase the new Mars brand creation from your local Walmart superstore. This ice cream inspired bar is created like any normal Snickers: peanuts, caramel, chocolate and nougat. However, the nougat in the Butterscotch Scoop bar is flavored with hints of butterscotch and vanilla to mimic your favorite sweet summer treat. 

At Mars, we are always looking for new ways to excite long-time SNICKERS fans, especially through innovative new flavors.

Martin Terwilliger, senior marketing director for Mars Wrigley

This is not the first time that Mars Wrigley has changed up their timeless Snickers bar though. Using the original flavors of chocolate, peanuts, nougat and caramel like a blueprint, the beloved candy company hit the conference room, concocting between 33 and 40 different variations of the original bar. Some of these different flavors include Snickers Almond, Snickers White Chocolate and Snickers Dark Chocolate. 

Although these new flavors are a great addition to the Mars Wrigley candy arsenal, nothing compares to the classic taste of a traditional Snickers bar.

How Snickers began

The first Snickers bar was created in 1930 in the heart of Chicago, Illinois by candymaker Frank Mars. Legend has it that Frank Mars named the bar Snickers after his favorite racehorse. 

91 years later, Mars made $423.74 million dollars in Snickers bars sales right behind M&M’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as the most purchased candy bar in America. 

Snickers and Walmart

Walmart hopped onto the Snickers bandwagon, partnering with Mars Wrigley to sell the new Snickers Butterscotch Scoop flavor exclusively at Walmart stores. There is no question that this partnership is a big deal. 

Walmart is the largest retail store in the world, so being on their team certifies that smaller brands and products will be put in the spotlight. Rather than having your product be tucked away in the back of a small convenience store, your product could be at every check-out lane in every Walmart nationwide. This kind of partnership skyrockets sales for Mars Wrigley.

Walmart made a good move partnering with Mars on this butterscotch creation. Consumers were weary once Walmart and Mars announced the candy bar, describing the flavor of butterscotch as being an “old fashioned flavor” that was popular before their time.

However, critics were pleasantly surprised upon trying the bar before its launch.

But I’ve got to say, I was surprised by how much I liked my sneak preview of Snickers Butterscotch Scoop. I may not be an enormous butterscotch fan, but this nougat had a mellow, sweet almost maple-y flavor to me.

Taste of Home blog writer Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

The new Snickers “Butterscotch Scoop” bar is projected to drop in early July 2023 exclusively at Walmart so you too can taste the sweet combination of a traditional Snickers mixed with a butterscotch ice cream twist!

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