Dehydrators may seem like a chunky piece a equipment that’s only good for making your own dried fruit, but here’s 12 creative ways to use a dehydrator that may convince you that it’s exactly what you need.

Get ready to embrace the wonders of dehydrating!

1. Beef Jerky

Though it may seem unbelievable you can make beef jerky in a dehydrator! Just get thin slices of whatever meat you desire, marinate thoroughly, and throw in the dehydrator for a few hours. The meat will be safe to eat because the dehydrator can work similarly to a sous vide and slowly brings the internal temperature of the meat up to a safe level.

2. Dried Orange Peels

There are a thousand uses for dried orange peels. Not only can they be a wonderful air freshener, but they are also highly flammable and make great fire starters. You can also use dried orange peels in homemade cleaning solutions and for baking.

3. Candied Fruits

I don’t know about your but I find candied fruit much more delicious than dried fruits. Just thoroughly coat your fruit in granulated sugar before you dehydrate it and you’ll be good to go!

4. Fruit Leather

Speaking of delicious ways to eat fruit, fruit leather is also a good go to. It makes for a quick and convenient snack on the go. Just mash or blend up some fruits spread them out on the tray, or if you want an even easier option, just pick up some applesauce at the store and dehydrate that.

5. Soups

You can make your own dry soup mix by drying out and blending various dried vegetables and seasonings. There are plenty of recipes available online if you don’t feel confident in creating your own soup mix.

6. Herbs

Fresh herbs are great but once picked they won’t last very long. So preserve your fresh herbs by drying them out, and keep your meals flavorful through every season.

7. Pet Treats

Do you have a cat or dog with a sensitive stomach, well you can make them their own special treats sure to settle their bellies. Just make sure to follow vet recommendations with what ingredients you include in these homemade snacks.

8. Dried flowers

While not always edible, dried flowers make beautiful decorations and all sorts of craft projects. If you are using them for some kind of cooking, make sure that the flower is safe for consumption, and no harmful pesticides were used in their growth.

9. Sun Dried Tomatoes

While not technically sun dried, dehydrated tomatoes are very similar to sun dried tomatoes. These are wonderful to incorporate into all sorts of recipes like salads and pastas. Learn how to store homemade sun dried tomatoes.

10. Potato Chips

While you can use a dehydrator to make your own healthier chips, you can also use it to reinvigorate your stale store bought chips. Unlike baked goods potato chips going stale are not dried out, but rather have become too hydrated. By throwing your stale chips into the dehydrator you can restore them to crunchy perfection.

11. Mushrooms

If you’re like me you probably aren’t the biggest mushroom fan, and this primarily has to do with the rubbery texture that cooked mushrooms take on. However, by drying out your mushrooms they can be turned into a flavorful, protein packed powder, that will give you all the benefits of mushrooms in soups and stews, and none of the texture.

12. Raw Baked Goods

By using a dehydrator you can combine various ingredients like peanut butter, fruits, and nuts to create a ‘raw’ baked good. These are quick to throw together and incredibly healthy convenient snacks.

If you’re a food enthusiast looking to expand your culinary horizons, investing in a dehydrator can open up a world of possibilities. This versatile kitchen appliance not only helps preserve food but also unlocks a range of creative culinary techniques.

Your taste buds will thank you for the explosion of flavors and textures that await!