If you’ve had girl scout cookies in the past few years and they don’t taste quite like you remember it might not be nostalgia clouding your tastebuds.

The girl scouts use two different bakeries to produce all of their cookies, and which bakery you get seems to depend on where you live. The two bakeries are ABC Bakery and Little Brownie Bakers (LBB).

When comparing the nutrition information of Thin Mints (arguably one of the most iconic girl scout cookies) on each of the bakeries websites, the information doesn’t match up.

LBB have a serving size of 2 cookies with 150 cal per serving, whereas ABC has a serving size of 4 cookies with 160 cal per serving. Additionally ABC has more cookies per container with 32 cookies, compared to the 14 provided by LBB.

Finally the ingredient lists don’t match up either, with LBB appearing to have a much more extensive ingredient list.

The two bakeries are also located in different states, Little Brownie Bakers is in Louisville, Kentucky and ABC Bakery is in Richmond Virginia. According to the Virginia Department of Health, in 2021 Virginia food regulations were amended to be consistent with the 2017 FDA food code. The official website for the Kentucky government says that their food code reflects the 2013 food code.

According to the girl scout website cookies can be ordered online through the Digital Cookie and ABC Smart Cookie platforms.

So if you want to compare the different bakeries for yourself, you can order them online from either of those platforms.