Widely considered America’s signature sandwich, we celebrate another National Hot Dog Day 19 July, 2023. Simple to make and easy to customize, the food will be around for years to come. They are eaten at barbecues, ball games, city streets and eating contests. Furthermore, many world records are held for the food. From Charity to Football, here are 5 unique records involving hot dogs.

Los Angeles loves hot dogs

For 2 years in a row, Los Angeles has topped Dallas for most hotdogs consumed in a calendar year. 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2022 have been the year of the hot dog in L.A., as each of those years the city ate about 30 million pounds worth. In 2016, Los Angeles held the record for the most consumed in a calendar year by a city with a ridiculous 36 million pounds devoured.

Expensive taste

The Most expensive hot dog ever was made by Tokyo Dog in Seattle, WA. The sandwich cost $169 and included premium toppings such as smoked cheese bratwurst, maitake mushrooms, wagyu beef, foie gras, butter teriyaki grilled onions, shaved black truffle, caviar and Japanese mayonnaise all on a brioche bun.

Nevertheless, customers purchased the “Juuni Ban” 6 times for over $1000. The Red Cross Foundation received the profits, according to Guiness World Records

Most hot dogs eaten in one sitting

Renowned food eating competitor Joey Chestnut holds the record for most hot dogs eaten in a contest.

Nathan’s Famous, a top hot dog chain, holds annual 4th of July eating contests. Chestnut has become a veteran of the contests, holding over 16 mustard belts, proving him to be supreme. But if that doesn’t convince you, maybe his world record will. In 2021, Joey Chestnut beat out all other competitors at Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest at Coney Island eating 76 to win his 14th mustard belt.

Hot dogs can fly

In October of 2018, former Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Mark Brunell would create a unique record. At the Millennium Arena in London, Brunell would complete the longest throw and catch of a hotdog into a bun. After ensuring the hot dog went through the procedures to prevent tampering, Brunell would launch it into the air over 23 yards and have it successfully caught into a bun, a record that still stands.

Longest BBQ ever

On 27 April 2014, Jan Greef and Char-boil, LLC. hosted an 80-hour barbecue event. $10,000 was raised for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This was due to the absurd amount of food cooked at the barbecue. Over 3 days, Greef made 200 pieces of corn, 104 pieces of chicken and 558 burgers. The most impressive of these though, was Greef and company cooking 1000 hot dogs.