PlayStation and Pasta Garofalo are collaborating through July and August. The duo first announced their partnership on June 21st through Instagram. In it they said their pasta is sure to bring together food enthusiasts and gamers of all ages.

An impastably delicious collaboration

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to eat your PlayStation controller’s buttons? Even if you haven’t, you can still enjoy the tasty noodles PlayStation and Pasta Garofalo made together.

The pasta comes in a seventeen ounce bag filled with noodles shaped like PlayStation’s iconic button symbols. You can find them on Ocado’s website for $3.36. But the delicious pasta isn’t the only thing the duo cooked up.

PlayStation and Pasta Garofalo’s competition

Along with the bag of pasta you can buy, the partners have created a contest. The winner will receive a year long supply of Pasta Garofalo, and a PlayStation 5 console. The rules are unclear if any countries can compete or if it’s only Italy.

Log into your account on the PlayStation website and fill out the weekly quiz. The quizzes are active for four weeks. Each quiz has two questions, one about pasta and one about PlayStation. Your name is entered in the drawing if you get both correct.

You can be an instant winner by correctly answering both questions. Instant winners get their choice of either a free bag of PlayStation and Pasta Garofalo’s noodles or a PlayStation gift card.

Enter through Instagram

Another way to join the competition is to “play your pasta” through Instagram. Upload a photo that says something about Pasta Garofalo and PlayStation and use the #PlayYourPasta format. Tag a friend and put #PlayYourPasta in your caption.

Your profile has to be public so PlayStation can see your post. Once you’ve met requirements, your name will be entered into the event. Partaking in both the Instagram and PlayStation competition will enter your name into the drawing four times.

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