We all love to travel and explore different places over the globe. But with traveling there are certain consequences which we have to deal with. If you travel often through multiple time zones then you might experience, headache, nausea, and uneven sleeping schedule, and here is where jet lag comes into the picture. What if I tell you jet lag is one of the most common symptoms of traveling?

What is jetlag?

Jet Lag is a mild sleep disorder that affects people who travel multiple time zones. It affects a person’s body clock and sleep. Most of the frequent fliers experience this a lot and they also have certain remedies like exercising, avoiding alcohol to reduce the symptoms.

What are the common symptoms of jetlag?

The symptoms of jet lag vary from person to person, but these are some of the common symptoms:

Recent studies on chocolate curing jetlag

Recently there have been studies conducted by Australian airline Qantas which ended the year-long study on curing jet lag.

For the study, the airline gathered data from test flights from New York to Sydney which included 23 passengers wearing biometrics, and their activities were monitored from time to time. Certain adjustments were done like proper lighting, adaptable sleep, and customized meals which mainly included fish, meat, and some comfort foods like soups, milk-based products, and chocolate.

After a prominent study, this research gained positive results from the passengers like better quality of sleep on the flight, mild symptoms of jet lag, and better cognitive performance.

“The early findings have given us optimism that we can make a real difference to the health and well-being of international travelers… We have a multi-disciplinary team of more than 10 researchers from medicine, science and engineering backgrounds working together on this project. No airline has ever done this kind of research before.”

Peter Cistulli, New York Post

Qantas Airlines are also planning to debut a direct Sydney to New York route in 2025 which is of long 20 hours. More research on crew well-being in long-hour flights is on the way but there is not enough evidence found as of yet.

So if next time you are going through jet lag there’s no harm in trying chocolate because it might cure your jet lag symptoms!