So who didn’t love the OG McDonald’s Reese’s McFlurry that was discontinued in 2012? (I’m still mourning that loss.) But peanut butter lovers rejoice, because McDonald’s dropped the news of their new McFlurry. Peanut Butter Crunch.

On July 19th, McDonalds announced that the Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry will be available at participating stores nationwide on August 9th. They blend the McFlurry with their signature vanilla soft serve, crispy cereal mix, and chocolaty peanut butter cookie pieces. A cool, creamy sweet treat.

This news comes after a very successful menu addition: the Grimace Shake. Which has since left the menu, but it’s clear McDonald’s is keeping things fresh. 

In 2022, Chewboom spotted the Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry out for a test run in Pasadena, California. A YouTube reviewer described it as having “a rich peanut butter flavor.” Yum!

Most McFlurry fans are super stoked about this new addition.

AND I want it filled to the top, just like the picture.

Twitter user

We’ve seen the Oreo McFlurry for quite some time as a staple on the McDonald’s menu, but it’s not the first time they’ve tried to freshen up the menu with a new flavor. Some successful flavors of the past include, Creme Egg (Which is exactly what it sounds like, Cadburry chocolate and soft serve.), Twix, and a Mint Oreo. Maybe they should also consider bringing back the mint.

While there is a lot of excitement surrounding this fresh addition, many McDonald’s customers have been asking the question that’s on all our minds: Will the ice cream machines be working?

Hopefully, they’ll be in pristine shape by August for you to run out and try the new McFlurry. I know I’ll definitely be cooling down with one.

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