Are you a fan of tacos? Then you must be aware that Taco Bell is revamping the product packaging of their hot sauce! The best part is the company has given their loyal customers a chance to participate and help in redesigning the hot sauce packets.

About Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant food chain in Irvine, California, U.S. founded in 1962 by Glen Bell. The Brand has rapidly expanded and today it is one of the largest fast-food chains in the world. The brand is known for selling Tex-Mex style food which is a combination of American and Mexican cuisines and their menu generally includes Tacos, Nachos, and Burritos.

Taco Bell is generally known for its innovative menu and marketing strategies. It is primarily famous in the United States but also has made its prominent presence in Europe, North America, and Asian continents.

Taco Bell’s new marketing strategy

Recently, Taco Bell has given their loyal reward members a chance to recommend their sayings for product packaging of hot sauces. The different choices of sauces include Mild, Hot, Fire, Diablo, and Breakfast Salsa.

The following sayings are running for revamping:

For Mild:

For Hot:

For Diablo:

For Fire:

For Breakfast:

Who are these reward members?

Reward members are anyone who has registered themselves in the Taco Bell official app and is the official user of this app. The reward members have this exclusive opportunity to vote on new hot sauce sayings via a fan poll which is live now and members can vote for their favorite sayings. The results are going to be announced on July 24 and the debut of these new hot sauce sayings will debut in 2024.

Taco Bell is no stranger to giving fans the ability and power to impact our brand.

We recognize the role that these hot sauce packets have played in people’s lives. There’s no better way to foster brand love than by giving our biggest fans a unique opportunity to leave their mark on and be a part of Taco Bell’s history.

Taylor Montgomery, US CMO

This strategy is helping customers to become a part of the Taco Bell franchise family and contribute their ideas and show their customer loyalty. If you want to be a part of this poll then act fast and participate in this survey and show your creativity, the survey will be open from July 18 to July 23.