Once again, the World Cup is here, supplying an excuse to gather friends together in the same room to watch soccer teams from around the world battle it out to be number one. So far this year, these women have been brutal as they shove their way down the field to score those goals. Seven of the front-runner teams inspired these recipes to win over your guests at your Women’s World Cup viewing party.

United States – Old Bay hot wings

The top contender and defending champs in the FIFA Women’s World Cup going for that elusive threepeat, team USA. Wings are a staple at most bars and sports parties across the country. And what’s more American than Old bay seasoning, butter, and Frank’s hot sauce?

These Old Bay hot wings are an easy addition to any party. They’ll leave your guests’ mouths watering for more. 

Spain – Chorizo filled dates bacon

Spain, our second favorite to win in the World Cup, is known around the world for its Tapas. This Tapas recipe for Chorizo filled dates, wrapped in bacon will impress all your guests. 

Chorizo is a mixture of chopped pork meat and fat, spiced with cinnamon, salt, achiote, and other spices. This is the perfect finger food to eat while cheering for your team. The spicy blend of Chorizo mixed with the sweet dates and salty bacon tastes like perfection. Not to mention another quick recipe to execute.

England – Yorkshire pudding

Yorkshire pudding is a British classic. (And not at all what Americans consider pudding.) This is actually a savory puff pastry that pairs well with meats of most types. They’re nice and small to make for easy eating while sitting around the TV watching the soccer match. 

To make this even better, you can find the key ingredients right in your pantry, making this a simple addition to your party. You just need eggs, flour, milk, and butter.  

Germany – Beer & cheese spread

There is nothing more synonymous with Germany than beer. Germany has been creating their well-known beer for over 500 years. What goes better with beer than cheese?

This beer and cheese spread is a fantastic way to incorporate a delicious dip/spread into your World Cup party. It would go great with your Yorkshire pudding, or you could also grab some soft pretzels (another German staple). Even better, you don’t have to wait for Oktoberfest to enjoy this easy-to-make spread. 

Australia – Mini pavlova

Australia and New Zealand are the hosting countries of this year’s world cup, and high on the list of those favored to win are the Matildas, the Australian national team. There’s a longstanding rivalry between the two countries about which invented this national dessert, the Pavlova. I’m sure there will be an argument for years to come about who actually hosted the World Cup as well. 

Either way, this recipe for mini Pavlovas will be a great addition to your World Cup party. The perfect summer bite-sized sweet treat. Pavlova is traditionally a large baked meringue topped with fruit and whipped cream. These miniature versions are a great option to make individualized desserts.

Brazil – Caiprinha

Now you can’t have a World Cup viewing party (or any party) without the addition of a yummy cocktail. And this light, summery mixed drink originating in Brazil, is a knockout addition. 

The Caipirinha is the national drink of Brazil, a staple at bars across the country. A refreshing blend of lime, sugar, and cachaça. Cachaça is a spirit central to Brazil, distilled from the fermented juice of a sugarcane (similar to how rum is made). Only this has more of a grassy, herby taste. 

Pour your guests a glass and toast to the winning team.

Japan – Agedashi tofu

Of course, no party is complete without a vegetarian option. As you watch Japan battle it out against the other top teams, while munching on this fried tofu recipe that is certain to hit the spot. 

Agedashi Tofu or Japanese fried tofu is an easy recipe with few ingredients, but will pack a punch in the flavor department. Made with soy sauce, tofu, and mirin (similar to sake) but sweeter. 

The World Cup only comes once every four years, so of course we have to go all out and make it count. These recipes are certain to bring a fun diversity to the buffet table. Whether you’re team USA or rooting for one of these countries, we all can agree that the recipes for your World Cup viewing party will strike up some interesting conversation.

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