On July 18, Kraft Heinz and Spritz Society announced their decision to collaborate. They will be combining Claussen’s pickle seasonings and Spritz Society’s sparkling white wine. Additionally, this decision was inspired by savory cocktails that utilize pickle juice like the pickleback shot, the fisherman’s folly, and the dill pickle martini.

Social media release

The Spritz Society announced the release of pickle wine on their instagram page @spritz. The announcement was officially posted on July 18th, but a sneak peak was released the day before. This preview was a short reel, that showed a jar of pickles in a drinks cooler being opened then the date 7/18/23.

Pickle wine origins

Originally this idea started out as a prank. Back in 2022 Spritz Society announced that they would be releasing a pickle flavored drink for April Fools. However the company was shocked when customers made requests for the prank flavor to be created for real. After over a year these customers wish has been granted.

This may seem like a gag flavor, similar to Pickles and alcohol are a fairly common combination. This is because pickles are believed to help neutralize the burn and strong taste of alcohol.

Details about pickle wine

This cocktail is being sold online at spritzsociety.com in four packs for $50 each. There is a two pack minimum required for purchases so make sure you have some friends willing to try this cocktail as well. Each can is 8.4 oz and is 6% ABV, there are 120 calories in a can and only 7 ingredients.

You can also purchase the other five sparkling wines that spritz society produces if pickle isn’t quite your speed. There’s blood orange, peach, grape fruit, pineapple, and lemon. All of these flavors are low calorie and low sugar, and four cans is equal to approximately 1 1/3 bottles of wine.

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