Snoop Dog collaborated with Happi Co. to bring Dr. Bombay Ice Cream to stores this summer. The ice cream brand is based off of Snoop Dog’s NFT character Dr. Bombay. The dessert is $4.96 a pint with seven delicious flavors to choose from.

This flavor is chocolate milk ice cream blended with chocolate chip cookies and a chocolate chip cookie swirl. The Dr. Bombay website promises one bite of this deliciousness will have you doing the snoop shuffle on the dance floor.

Bonus Track Brownie

Vanilla ice cream with chunks of brownie dough, brownie brittle, and fudge swirl offer a balanced solution to keep cold this summer. This rhythmic blend will transport you away to cooler climates.

Syrupy Waffle Sundaze

A waffle ice cream with waffle pieces and a brown butter syrupy swirl. The perfect way to kick back and relax to some Snoop Dog tracks.

S’more Vibes

Marshmallow ice cream with fudge bites, cocoa crisped rice and graham cracker swirls to accompany your summer bonfires. The dessert is guaranteed to have you feeling like Dr. Bombay chilling backstage on a Saturday night.

Iced Out Orange Cream

A vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet mix with icy orange swirls. The summer treat is going to satisfy your sweet tooth craving.

Rollin’ In The Dough

Cookie ice cream with chunks of cookie dough. Chocolate flakes and choco chip cookie swirls will make you feel like you’re making money.

Tropical Sherbet Swizzle

Orange sherbet with tropical pineapple swirls. Snoop Dog promises this dairy-free option will have your taste buds popping.

Snoop Dog’s dream

Although fans of the rapper may not understand where this desire to launch ice cream comes from, Snoop Dog has always had a passion for the dessert. In a Billboard interview, he revealed that it’s been a dream of his to open an ice cream parlor.

Ice cream is more than just a snack to me; it’s a way to chill, relax, and get happy. That’s exactly what I want Dr. Bombay Ice Cream to do—bring a smile to your face and ease your mind. I’ve poured my heart and soul into perfecting these first seven flavors, and I can’t wait for my fans and the world to experience what I’ve created. Fans will also notice my sidekick Dr. Bombay is the name, face and persona of the brand. That’s because he’s like a son to me and you always wants your kids to be more successful than you are, that’s my goal in building a lifestyle brand — starting with ice cream.

Snoop Dog, musician

Dr. Bombay’s Ice Cream is currently available in 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide. The brand will be added to Winn Dixie, Shop Rite, Albertson’s, Safeway, and GoPuff in the coming months.

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