In a bit of cool, celebrity news, Cher announced this week that she will launch her own gelato line. And the name is striking a chord with fans everywhere: Cherlato.

Cher captioned her announcement saying,

Yep, this is real… I’m launching my gelato… Watch out LA!! All started 5 years ago and now it’s finally HAPPENING! More to come…

Cher, Instagram

According to the Cherlato instagram account, this is a,

Culmination of a decade’s long journey to find the freshest, and most amazing ice-creams in the world.

Cherlato, Instagram

Cher has teamed up with Giapo, an ice cream brand out of New Zealand. They have been working closely to create some mouth-watering new “Cherlato” creations.

Fans react to Cherlato

And, fans of Cher have already congregated on her instagram announcement to help name her new gelato flavors (whether she wants the help or not). 

One fan commented on her announcement,

Featuring such flavors as: Ginseng, Tramps, and Thieves— If I Could Turn Back Lime — Dark Chocolate Lady.


Another fan had some of their own song title ice cream flavors,

‘I Got Ube Babe,’ ‘Believe in Life After Rum,’ ‘If I Could Turn Back Lime,’ ‘The Scoop Scoop Song (It’s in His Hershey’s Kiss’).’ Best I could come up with at almost 2 a.m.


Another revised some of her song lyrics in response,

But after all, said and done/ You can have an ice cream cone.


And, if it isn’t a punny gelato name then it’s funny song inspired excitement like one user who wrote:

Do you believe in ice cream after lunch.


Cherlato on the move

Dates have just dropped for this iconic gelato, and the first stop is July 28th at Venice Beach. On July 30th the ice cream truck will be on Melrose in L.A. You can check out more dates and times here on their website.

Cher has had a few other ventures throughout the years, including a clothing line, handbags, her current perfume line, and then, of course, there’s that little music and film career of hers. However, this gelato is sure to be her sweetest enterprise yet.

My big question is the Cherlato ice cream truck, (that’s right this gelato will be available on an ice cream truck stopping though out various parts of LA) give an upgrade to ice cream trucks everywhere and blast her number one hits as it travels to location? 

I believe in ice cream after every meal, and this new “Cherlato” looks mouthwatering. Check out more exciting food news here. And for amazing tips and recipes, check out our Instagram.