Record breaking heatwaves are spreading throughout the US. A Reddit user took advantage of the heat to bake cookies in their car. The post went viral and now thousands of people are baking cookies in their vehicles.

Baking cookies in cars

It’s important to note that making food in your car can be harmful. If the temperature is inconsistent or low, your snack becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Your car must stay at a temperature of 165 degrees to safely bake something. Additionally, use store-bought cookie dough to lessen the risk of salmonella.

Make sure anything that could effect the cookies’ smell is removed like trash, snacks, toys, and air fresheners. Roll up all your windows to trap the heat in your car. Don’t sit in your car while your cookies bake.

Your cookies should be ready to eat in three to five hours. The cookies won’t look like ones baked in an oven. They won’t be brown so you’ll have to check for a firm consistency to know when they’re baked. Voila, you have cookies!

While the Reddit user created the latest fad of making food in your car, they’re not the only participant. People have been showing their car-baking skills on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. Joe Brown is a TikTok creator that cooked a pizza in his car.


trying to bake a pizza in my car in the arizona heat 🍕☀️ #pizza #crazy

♬ original sound – 𝘫𝘰𝘦 𝘣𝘳𝘰𝘸𝘯

Joe is one of the many Arizonians experiencing triple digit weather. The recent weather has been fun for baking cookies, but dangerous at other times.

The dangers of Arizona’s heatwave

With temperatures as high as 118, residents have been finding the heat difficult to handle. Folks are advised to keep their shoes on to avoid burning their feet on the pavement. The Maricopa Department of Emergency Management even used baking cookies in your car to demonstrate the danger of leaving children, people who are disabled, and pets alone in your car.

37 children die from vehicular heat stroke every year. Pets can sustain brain damage and die from heat stroke in 15 minutes. There’s many ways this can happen.

The most common cause are people and pets forgotten and left in the car. People can gain access to an unlocked car and lock themselves inside. Some are left intentionally in cars.

Baking cookies in your car is a fun activity for the summer. It’s also a reminder to never leave people or pets in cars alone. Visit for more information or support on this topic.

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