We all knew that social media would one day become the everlasting ruler of all things, but did we really understand how far things would go? When you thought of the future you predicted flying cars, teleportation, and robots.

So can we be surprised when some of those things begin to happen? The short answer is yes! The real question is, will we be prepared for it? So when did Artificial Intelligence (AI) come into the fold? What’s it doing in my kitchen?

For starters, the clear understanding of AI refers to the group of algorithms that derive patterns from large amounts of data. The catch is that this process is used to develop recipes by analyzing the collected results. Things such as dietary restrictions, ingredient preferences, culinary skill levels and more are used to generate recipe recommendations. So the time it would normally take you to think of what to cook is cut in half!

If you watched I, Robot, Will Smith tried to tell us!

What’s the harm in it?

Technically, there is no harm or damage in letting the machinery take over your kitchen. Some may say it is not ideal to truly get the best results for your recipes. As AI technology advances, many have jumped to the ideas of humans being put out of work. I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

Some restaurants have began to use robots in place of human servers to deliver food to their customers. However, those individuals also began to wonder if the machines could create better results in the kitchen.

Nationwide, people have learned of the new and funky way of cooking and decided to put it to the test! Individuals tested the theory in using computer generated recipes to cook their meals. As they followed the instructions, red flags began to arise. For example, there was a lack of seasoning used in the recipes, some measurements did not make sense, and most importantly, the food was terrible!

Improved or ill-fated

Traditionally, the idea of recipes can be linked to the upkeep of generational order. That’s what has always made them so special. When we create or follow recipes, we do so with meaning and intent. Motivation, inspiration, or love. Whether you are baking your grandmother’s famous pie or adding a modern twist to a formula of over decades of folklore, each meal is made with the utmost care. Would we be able to say the same from an AI generated recipes? That, I am not confident in.

In regards to the sentimental aspect, it may be deemed as ill-fated. Though humans may be able to make the meals with care, there are certain limitations that we reach. Unlike the AI systems, humans are not able to conduct research on thousands of recipes and gather data in order to create what is deemed their best edition.

Is this enough to count on these systems to be the ruler of your kitchen? Are the recipes that are systematically created any good?

As many have tried their luck with the theory, people have found that the AI technology has the potential to improve the culinary experience as we know it! Those individuals have also come to the conclusion that it is just not worth it. Computerized meals are a great idea in theory but realistically, the development of the recipes simply need more time. Well, it’s back to basics. There’s nothing like an old fashioned family tradition!