The Barbie Dream Drizzle Cheese Steak is a cheese steak sandwich with a sauce created by Gino’s Cheese Steak & Onion. Their restaurant in Fayetteville, New York was the first to sell the sandwich. The meal was made available on July 21st.

A cheese steak’s rise to fame

The Barbie Dream Drizzle sauce was tested twenty different times before chefs were satisfied. Its ingredients are fresh dragon fruit, garlic, chili, tangy lemon, savory herbs, and topped off with edible glitter. There is no pink dye that has been added.

The cheese steak was originally a temporary menu item. However, it sold out immediately upon release. Customers began traveling from all over to eat the sandwich. The restaurant has sold twenty gallons of sauce so far.

It’s genius and I wanted to be a part of it because everyone else was being a part of it and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna get on a trend. I saw all these other restaurants doing pink Barbie drinks and pink Barbie desserts and I was like, I do want to participate in the fun, but I don’t want to follow suit with what everyone else is doing. I wanted to do something fun and different.

Josh Amidon, owner

Barbie products under criticism

In the Barbie movie, there’s a topic of companies using feminism to sell their products. Restaurants, artists, and even clothing companies have been accused of doing the same. Mattel itself is under fire for producing dolls from the movie.

The idea that how products are marketed to us seems like a silly thing to nit pick. But when the foundation of your marketing campaign is a movement that was made to solve human rights issues, is it not valid to question the intention? Is it not inherently predatory to use serious topics that affect people daily to benefit those already in power?

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