Aldi is an extremely popular supermarket chain that has stores all across the US. Each year the company will put out a survey asking customers what their favorite Aldi products of the year are. In this survey there are winning categories that customers can vote for their favorite products to win, here’s a break down of all the 2023 fan favorites.

The fan favorites

  1. What a Deal: Clancy’s Kettle Chips
  2. TikTok Made Me Buy It: Friendly Farms Cottage Cheese
  3. Sauce on the Side: Specially Selected Vinaigrette Dressings
  4. Cream of the Crop: Avocados
  5. Protein Pick: Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Thighs
  6. Ready When You Are: Mama Cozy’s Take and Bake Deli Pizza
  7. On the Lighter Side: Simply Nature 100% Avocado Oil
  8. Choose Your Cheese: Emporium Selection Fresh Mozzarella Ball or Log
  9. Great Catch: Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Mediterranean Herb
  10. Raise a Glass: Belletti Sparkling Moscato Rosé
  11. Snacks for Everyone: Happy Farms String Cheese
  12. Rookie of the Year: Friendly Farms Low Sugar Greek Yogurt
  13. Sweet Tooth Satisfaction: Specially Selected Super Premium Ice Cream


Aldi is a multinational discount supermarket chain that was founded in Essen, Germany in the 1960’s. Aldi is a family business, started by two brothers, Karl and Theo Albrecht after taking over their mother’s original store. The chain now has over 10,000 locations and has multiple subsidiaries. Such as, Aldi Talk, ALDI Nord, ALDI Hungary, and Trader Joe’s.

The reason that Aldi’s is a discount supermarket is because they avoid brand name products which come at a higher cost. By using private label products Aldi can avoid going through another company and boost savings for their customers. Trader Joe’s uses this same method in their stores.