McDonald’s announced they would be adding a new section to their menu. It will highlight menu items seen on TV or movie screens. The offer starts on August 14th.

The fast food chain is partnering with Marvel to showcase this new menu. Highlighted menu items consist of ten piece chicken McNuggets, a quarter pounder with cheese, a big mac sandwich, medium fries, and sweet n sour sauce. And that’s not the only thing McDonald’s is offering.

You can scan the QR code on the sweet n sour sauce to open an AR experience on Snapchat. The restaurant says there will be new content with each as featured in partnership with movies and TV shows.

McDonald’s merch partnership

PALACE is a skate and streetwear brand based in London. They’ve collaborated with Marvel to create Loki merch. You can access the apparel by scanning a QR code that will be on packaging containing As Featured In menu items.

PALACE will also be having a pop up shop in a McDonald’s location. Specifically the very first restaurant located in Downey, CA.

McDonald’s also created Grimace merch to celebrate the purple mascot’s birthday. The items sold from the golden arch website weren’t as popular. However, vintage Grimace merch was sold rapidly for as high as $720.

A worldwide experience

McDonald’s has been trying to expand their restaurant globally. The as featured in meals will be sold in more than a hundred countries.

As we’ve previously shared, accelerating the organization is an initiative to re-imagine how we work to bring the full breadth of McDonald’s skill and experiences together to come up with the best solutions that can be scaled.

Chris Kempczinski, CEO

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