Have you heard about the panic caused by rice shortages followed by the ban imposed by India? US shoppers are in a panic mode because of this abrupt ban! Let’s learn more about this issue.

Reducing the amount of rice India exports poses risks of higher global prices and heightened food insecurity.

International Food Policy Research Institute.

About India’s rice export ban

On July 20, India abruptly announced a ban on exporting basmati white rice which is mostly favored by south Indian communities. India addresses it as a move to lower prices and its secure availability in the home country.
But this Ban has caused a global impact including the US. The shoppers in the U.S. are in panic buying mode as some of the loyal customers of Basmati Rice buyers are facing issues. The distributors in specialty markets are in trouble because of the ban.

We are completely dependent on non-basmati rice. Currently, we face a significant challenge with 15,000 metric tons of rice orders and contracts. The situation impacts not only his business, but customers who buy these varieties of rice.

Kiran Kumar Pola, director of Deccan Foods, an importer and distributor of non-basmati Indian rice that operates out of Arizona

Before this year US rice farmers also faced drought so they opted for more profitable crops like Corn and soybean but this year the situation is pretty different as the prices for crops like corn and soybean have dropped they have opted for Rice crops again.

Sufficient rainfall, snowfall, and proper climatic conditions have resulted in sufficient production of rice. So the US is addressing this issue and claiming that only a small amount of rice production is affected and hence they are claiming to have enough production of rice which they can sell in domestic markets.

There’s enough U.S. rice to go around. This is not toilet paper in the Spring of 2020. Much of the rice consumed in the United States is produced domestically, and the US has had a pretty good yield this year.

USA Rice Federation, advocate for members of the US rice industry

Overall the Ban has affected globally all over the world as countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria, and the US are greatly dependent on it. US is taking efforts and also finding alternative solutions to make rice available for everyone.

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