Are you a fan of oily fish and often consume them in the form of toppings, salad, and pasta dishes? Then you would have heard about anchovies and sardines right?

Anchovies and sardines both are oily fishes and have an intense flavor and are considered to have a delicious umami flavor to them. They have rich amounts of nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids and are highly nutritious! Although both are oily fishes and have some common health benefits, there is a huge difference between them. Now let’s check out what are different characteristics of sardines and anchovies.

What is an anchovy?

Anchovies belong to the Engraulidae family and prefer freshwater and brackish water. Their size ranges from 2 to 6 inches and appears a distinctive silver-green color with blue iridescence.

They can be sold in fresh forms or preserved form in jars and cans or preserved packages with either salt or oil. Anchovies have a strong salty pungent flavor and hence can be primarily used as an ingredient or a flavoring agent but not as a main ingredient in food.

You can find anchovies very commonly used as a popular ingredient used in Caesar dressing, tapenade, anchovy fillets, anchovy paste, and Mediterranean cuisines.

What is a sardine?

Sardines belong to the Clupeidae family and are commonly found in temperate water. Their size ranges from 4 to 6 inches and appears to be more silvery in color with a blue-green sheen.

They can be sold in the market in fresh or canned form with brine or oil. Sardines have a subtle undertoned taste and are much more milder than anchovies and hence can be used as a primary ingredient in the food. Sardines can be grilled, smoked, or can be used in various salads, pasta dishes, and toppings. They are also available in canned form and often can be consumed in the form of ready-to-eat foods.

The main difference between anchovies and sardines?

Even though both are oily fish and have certain similar characteristics the way they are processed makes a huge difference! The way they are processed gives both of them a distinctive flavor and taste. As anchovies are mostly canned and cured before they are packed, sealed, and sold in the market. While sardines are cooked and then canned before they are sold in markets.

So to conclude both of them have a distinctive flavor and can be used in various compatible dishes. The main similarity between them is both of the fishes are highly nutritious and rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

So it’s good if you include them in your diet either as a primary ingredient or as a flavoring agent. Next time make sure to include them in your diet in compatible foods like soups, stews, various pasta dishes, and toppings on a pizza.

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