Life just got a lot bubblier thanks to Ninja. You may be familiar with Ninja’s futuristic kitchen gadgets like the NinjaCreami (which can make ice cream out of anything), their high-powered blenders like the NinjaFoodi, or the very sleek air fryers. 

But all those fantastic gadgets are about to be blown out of the water with their latest kitchen toy, the Ninja Thirsti. This latest release will let consumers create drinks in similar fashion to the NinjaCreami. They will be customizable with hundreds of possible combinations.

The Ninja Thirsti transforms your average glass of water into a flavored, bubbly personal masterpiece. It will allow you to choose sparkling or still (with 3 fizz levels), 2 flavor levels, and 4 drink sizes (great for those of you on the go and that need a drink to last).

You can also create flavor combos. There are four flavor lines that come with the Ninja Thirsti. They are splash, hydrate, vitamins, and energy. Each with their own unique addition to your sparkling water. And, each CO2 canister can make up to 100 drinks. All of the drinks are 0 calories and 0 sugar.

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for this new gadget. As someone who consumes a lot of flavored water both sparkling and still, I know I’d get a lot of use from this system. 

Where can you buy the Ninja Thirsti?

The basic Ninja Thirsti drink system will come with the Ninja Thirsti Station, one 60L CO2 canister, and eight Thirst Water Drops to get you started. It is retailing for 179.99 according to the Ninja website. They are available for pre-order directly from Ninja right now. 

If all this greatness is not enough, Ninja asserts that the Ninja Thirsti will create a more sustainable future by reducing the plastic bottle usage.

Switching from single-use plastic bottles and cans to the Ninja Thirsti™ Drink System can save up to 1000 single-use bottles and cans per year.* Learn more about our pledge to mitigate waste and protect our planet.


Soon the Ninja Thirsti will be available from major retailers like Amazon, Kohls, Walmart, and Best Buy. 

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