Aluminum foil is a versatile packaging material and is universally used by everyone hence right now you also might be having two or three rolls of foil in your kitchen cabinet right?

We use foil while cooking, baking, and for storage purposes but what if I tell you that you have to use aluminum foil in a certain way and avoid a few things you shouldn’t do with it?Let’s see some of the mistakes to avoid while using aluminum foil.

What is aluminum foil made up of

Aluminum foil is primarily made from metal Aluminum which is a highly versatile and lightweight metal. It is mostly known for its good reflectivity, barrier properties, and high conductivity. It is widely used in the food industry as packaging material and in electronic industries because of its high barrier properties and its consistent effectiveness.

Things you should avoid while using aluminum foil

1. Avoid using it in Microwave

You should never put aluminum foil or any metal objects in the microwave as the waves transmitted by the microwave could react with the metal and can cause a spark which will eventually lead to a fire. This state would give rise to a loss of the quality of food and disruption in the working of your microwave.

2. Don’t bake cookies on them

If you are using the aluminum sheet as a liner to bake cookies then you should avoid using it. The bottom of your cookies might bake faster and which will lead to uneven cooking. Instead of this use something else as a liner for your cookie sheets like parchment paper, silicone mat, or nonstick cooking sprays.

3. Don’t use it to store acidic or salty foods

Avoid storing acidic, salty foods like tomatoes, and citrus fruits in aluminum foil. They will react with the aluminum and there could be migration of aluminum which will spoil the taste and flavor of the food present. For such acidic foods, you can stick to either plastic or glass trays.

4. Don’t toss the foil after one use

You can use aluminum foil for various purposes. Again if it’s not crumpled or if it is clean as it is reusable and recyclable. So feel free to reuse it.

5. Using it for long-term storage

As aluminum is pretty much ideal for storing food for a short time, storage of food for a longer time should be avoided. Over time the moisture or acidic food can react and cause spoilage.

Next time while using aluminum foil make sure to keep this thing in mind and avoid them. Otherwise aluminum foil is a versatile tool and is very prominently used while cooking, baking, packaging, and storage purposes.

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