There is an easy way to make any stainless steel pan a non-stick one! It’s a tip that has grown popular over social media. And, it only requires a few drops of water and some heat. This article is your step-by-step guide on how to implement this easy, useful hack in your own kitchen.

How it works…

When a drop of water hits the pan, it won’t evaporate instantly. Instead it begins to fly around the pan like a hockey puck. This is because of a the Leidenfrost effect. Where a layer of water instantly vaporizes when it hits the hot pan. This forms a gas coating that let’s the rest of the water roll around the surface on steam. Effectively making the pan non-stick!

This is the main principle that makes this tip possible, so now let’s get into how to do this yourself!

The easy hack that makes your pan non-stick!

  1. Set your pan at medium to medium-high heat.
  2. Wait a few minutes. 2 -3 minutes is recommended!
  3. Add the water. Add just a few drops. If the water splatters and evaporates, you need to leave the pan for another minute or so. Once the water beads and coasts seamlessly over the pan, then the pan is ready!
  4. Start cooking! Add your oil and food and enjoy your temporary non-stick pan!

Important tips…

For the Leidenfrost effect to work, you need a steady, high temperature. So make sure you don’t add any ingredients that are colder than room temperature. As this can cause the entire pan to cool down rapidly and make the pre-heating process totally useless.

And remember, although this tip is very useful when you’re in need of a quick solution, it’s always better to buy yourself a non-stick pan for the long run.

But if you’re ever in need of an emergency non-stick pan, look no further than the stainless steel ones sitting in your cupboard! And make sure to use this tip and others on Break Thru Kitchen whenever you’re in some culinary trouble.