Kitchen tools are a necessity. There’s nothing like enjoying a nice, fresh meal after putting in the time and effort to make it. I recently began to dive deeper into learning how to cook and it just gives you a sense of fulfillment that is unmatched. Whether it’s baking sweet goods or making a homemade dish, the meal is prepared with a great deal of TLC! No wonder it counts as a love language!

However, there are times where you may think to yourself, “I wish this meal could cook itself.” We’ve all had the dreadful thoughts that arise on those days when you just don’t feel like cooking. What if I told you there were some new kitchen tools to make it easier? After all, cooking should feel like less of a task and more of an enjoyable hobby! (At least in your humble abode for that matter). Check out these cool kitchen gadgets to see what may very well find it’s way into your galley!

1. Updated Herb Scissors Set

Stainless Steel, High Quality Herb Shears by SASACIA

It’s summertime! What better way to enjoy the breezy season than to indulge in a light, fresh salad? Made with freshly, cut ingredients! SASACIA recently introduced these 5-blade herb scissors that not only cut your prep time in half, but also makes the process of chopping your produce much easier.

2. Electric Salt & Pepper Grinder Set

Rechargeable Automatic Salt & Pepper Mill by HOMCYTOP

One way to spice things up in your kitchen is to modernize your appliances! The Electric HOMCYTOP Salt & Pepper Grinder Set is the perfect way to add a touch of excitement to your meals. Requiring only one hand for operation, you’re able to easily grind your seasoning with the single button design. This opposed to the more “strenuous” effort of the original method saves you the hassle!

3. S’mores Maker Tabletop Indoors

Frameless Marshmallow Roaster by Kusini

Have you ever had a strong craving for s’mores but lacked the basic necessity of a fireplace? The taste of s’mores is a specific craving that is not satisfied by any other sweet treat, nor can it be replaced! With the Kusini Tabletop S’mores Maker, you’ll never have to go without the tasty treat.

4. Refrigerator Deodorizer

Air Purifying Odor Eliminator by Purriko

After the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important that we continue to stay stocked up on cleaning supplies. Your kitchen area is very susceptible to producing bacteria on a daily basis. The worst place for germs to grow in the kitchen is your refrigerator.

When leftovers are left in the same vicinity as fresh food, it can cause your items to decompose quicker and emit an unpleasant odor. The Purriko Refrigerator Deodorizer absorbs these odors, purifies the air, and keeps food fresh longer. Not to mention, it has a 10-year lifespan!

5. Olive Oil Sprayer

Oil Dispenser For Cooking by PUZMUG

Thanksgiving dinner just got a little bit better! The PUZMUG Oil Sprayer makes applying oils to your dishes easier than it should be! Not only does it allow you to add various types of oils, but you are able to dispense them in a controlled dosage for an overall healthier diet. It is quite the upgraded process of basting your Thanksgiving turkey! Health and modernism all in one kitchen tool? Fitting for a kitchen in this generation!

6. Kitchen Appliance Cord Organizer

High Quality Rubber, Appliance Cord Organizer by AnimalGifts

While cooking can be exciting or sensational, it can be easy to forget about the amount of appliances that you are using. Along with the tail cords that come with them! Practicing safety measures in the kitchen is essential to lower food risks and prevent accidents, such as fires or electrical shocks, from occurring. Luckily, Animal Gifts has you covered with the Cord Organizer for Appliances.

7. Microwave Cleaner

Microwave Oven Steam Cleaner by Abnoak

Your microwave is one appliance in your kitchen that gets used daily but may not be cleaned as often. Though it is recommended that you clean it regularly, it may be the last thing on your list due to how tedious of a task it is. I say this from personal experience, as I have a mounted microwave that takes a bit more effort to clean.

With the Oven Steam Cleaner by Abnoak, Sunday cleaning is looking up for my fellow foodies out there! Quick and efficient, the steam sterilizes the oven and leaves you with a quick cleanup process. I’ll certainly be adding this to my cart!

8. Pizza Storage Container

Reusable, Expandable Pizza Storage Container by CHEESE CHOPPER

The CHEESE CHOPPER Pizza Storage Container is an item that you didn’t know your kitchen needed until you saw it. Save your plastic wrap and foil for your next meal! With the tall, stackable design, you are able to heat up to five slices at once! How convenient will it be to pull this item out after a delicious pizza night?

9. Refrigerator Liners

Washable, Cuttable Refrigerator Liners by VUBOJO

There are many benefits to using shelf liners in your cooling unit. They keep everything else clean and prolong the freshness of your produce! The VUBOJO Refrigerator Liners absorb the moisture in your refrigerator and promote air circulation to prevent rotting or spoiling. It is one of the best kitchen tools to keep your system bacteria free!

10. Clip On Strainer

Silicone, Washer-Friendly Clip On Strainer by AUOON

While there is nothing wrong with straining your food the traditional way, the AUOON Clip On Strainer simplifies the process. Instead of using more kitchenware while you are cooking, the strainer terminates the transferring process. If you have limited counter space in your kitchen, this’ll come in handy for you!

11. Under Sink Organizer

Expandable Under Sink Organizer by Spicy Shelf

The Spicy Shelf Under Sink Organizer is the perfect way to keep your kitchen cleaning supplies in order. With the time spent on everyday tasks, things may get a bit messy in that area. The organizer has an extendable design that can harmoniously fit into a variety of kitchen settings.

12. Chef Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids

Stainless Steel, Rustproof Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids by Umite

Umite Chef has introduced these premium material, stainless steel Mixing Bowls that provide high quality food preparation. Compared to standard bowl sets, the equipment contains a deep dish serving area that allows for larger portions, less mess, and faster prep time! The colorful Airtight Lids keeps your food fresh and provides optimal storage!

13. Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Anti-Slip Base, Surround Sound Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by JTEMAN

There’s nothing better than listening to your favorite tunes while you’re cooking to get you in a groove. Imagine baking a variety of treats on Christmas Eve with your beloved holiday songs playing in the background. Not only does it set the mood, but it makes the experience that much more enjoyable! The JTEMAN Phone Stand with a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is the perfect kitchen tool for enjoying your sounds in and outside of the kitchen!

14. Electric Wine Opener Set

Luxurious, Automatic Electric Wine Opener Set by TOMEEM

Sometimes you just need to wind down after a long day of the daily festivities of life. What better way to do so than to cook a delicious meal accompanied with a nice glass of wine? The TOMEEM Electric Wine Opener Set upgrades your indulgence to a fabulous wine tasting experience with the multi-use equipment. You spent a pretty penny on the luxurious bottle, romanticize every sip!

15. Spoon Rest with Lid Holder

Plastic, Multifunctional Utensil Rest with Lid Holder for Stovetop by AIERSA

During the process of cooking your esteemed dinners, things can get messy in the kitchen. The AIERSA Utensil Rest is a very useful tool to prevent your dishes from creating even more mess! You may be used to setting a freshly ripped sheet of a paper towel on the surface to set your tools down whilst moving from one thing to another.

It may seem like an easy task but in reality, you could be saving yourself an extra roll or two by adding this kitchen tool to your arsenal! With the grocery prices rising by the day, this tool will cut down the costs in the long run! Your wallet will thank you later!