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Beginner’s Guide to Focaccia Bread

Franchesca Livraghi

So, I hear you want to bake focaccia bread at home! Making focaccia bread is both easy and rewarding, especially if you learn these 5 simple ingredients for making focaccia bread.

Let’s get started!

There is nothing mysterious about making bread! Practice makes perfect so bake, bake, bake!

Instant Yeast


To ensure a good lift and a beautiful outer crust, you’ll want to start with fresh yeast 

Warm Water


Not hot, not cold, but warm.



All-purpose flour will do just fine.

Flaky Salt


Gives the focaccia its iconic salty exterior.

Olive Oil


A high quality, extra virgin olive oil is recommended.

Bread bun

Beginner Focaccia Bread Recipe

Franchesca Livraghi